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What is subscription-based recruitment? 

Subscription based recruitment works the same as other subscriptions models. You pay a monthly fee based on the plan you choose, you will get access to a certain number of placements per year, along with other on-demand services. 


Why use subscription-based recruitment? 

Firstly, reports show that companies value usage-based pricing. We found organisations that take advantage of usage-based pricing see faster growth and management than those who don’t. 


Secondly, you truly work with us as a partner, not only for a short term objective (filling a vacancy), but also to build your EVP. You will have access to a far wider pool of candidates (both passive and active) and be a proactive employer in the market. This is even more important in the market we are in with over 70% of global employers struggling to attract and retain the right talent. 


Lastly, cost. The subscription model not only works out to be a more cost effective way of hiring, you also do not have any one off huge invoices. The cost is spread across 12 months.


This is the most successful method of recruitment and we have only ever overachieved (filled more vacancies than initially released) using the subscription model. Over 100% success rate.

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